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Following an absence of three years, an on-leave Marine returns home to make amends with his ex-girlfriend on her wedding day.

Adam Cole as "Duncan"
Hannah Elizabeth Smith as "Kara"
Brandon Gregory as "Hunter"
Elizabeth Ann Miller as "Darci"

Director: Jacob Kirby
Written by Josh Barkey, Jacob Kirby & Matt Scruggs
Produced by Matt Scruggs & Taylor Macdonald
DoP: Ben Joyner
Production Designer: Jameson Everett
Assistant Director: Henry Drayton
Edit | Color by Jacob Kirby

*FEATURED on Omeleto

*WINNER* AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Best Shorts Competition 2016
*WINNER* RED DOT AWARD: Communication Design 2016
*WINNER* BEST SCREENPLAY: Maverick Movie Awards 2016

*OFFICIAL SELECTION: Mill Valley Film Festival 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: Heartland Film Festival 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: San Jose Int’l Short Film Festival 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cinegear Expo Film Series 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: Charlotte Film Festival 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: Lone Star Film Festival 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: Beaufort Int’l Film Festival 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: Phoenix Film Festival 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION: GI Film Festival 2017

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